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How I Install Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Updated: May 28, 2023

Trying to find information about extension specialists on the internet can be a daunting task. There is a lot to learn, and you want to be well informed before you decide if I am the right stylist for you. In this post I will be breaking down my hair extension installation process so that you can see it step by step.

Fine blonde hair
Before- Fine Blonde natural hair

My guest started with fine blonde, highlighted hair. She has medium density but has suffered breakage in the past.

She has shorter hair on the sides and around her face with shoulder length hair in the back.

You can see in the photo below that most of the hair around her face is chin length and will need to be blended into the finished style.

hand-tied hair extensions
Adding beads to create a foundation to hold the hair extensions

I carefully section the hair to create a row of beads that will be the foundation to sew the extension hair down. The beads are lined with silicone so that your hair stays safe while they are secured.

Not every bead application looks the same because not every head of hair is the same. This is an example of what your extension rows could look like, but yours may be edited to fit your individual needs.

hand tied hair extensions
The hair extensions are attached with a needle and nylon thread.

The Hair extensions are sewn onto the beaded row that was created. When the beads, nylon thread, and hair extensions are all the same color they blend seamlessly into your natural hair.

This guest chose 14" hand-tied hair extensions to add slight length and volume. Her goal is to keep them undetectable.

Not pictured is the slight haircut to blend the extensions into her natural hair.

blonde hair extensions
You can see the practically seamless blend while her hair is straight.

blonde hair extensions
The extension hair holds a curl like a dream and will help you use less heat on your natural hair!

blonde hair extensions
After - a beautiful balanced natural looking style

Her finished style has added fullness and length. The hair can be pulled up immediately into a ponytail and will be undetectable to everyone else.

Are extensions comfortable? Yes! Most people feel "naked' without them during move-up appointments

Can you wear your hair up? Yes! The moment we are done with installation you can pull them up.

Will your natural hair grow? YESSS! That's the whole point of extensions. They should never slow your hair growth down. Some guests "upgrade" to longer hair by the time their extensions need to be replaced.

Do you need professional products? Yes, you need to protect your investment!

Are you interested in hair extensions? Visit my Extensions page to get started!

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