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My Favorite Wall Hanging Projects

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Hello!! I would like to share with you how I find unique affordable wall decor for my home and how to hang it without frustration! Like so many of my crafty friends, I find the majority of my decor items at garage sales and thrift stores, the rest I can usually find at Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann's. Pinterest is my BFF for inspiration and I use my boards to organize my project plans for each room of my house.

Not all good ideas come together overnight and sometimes it takes me months to get all of the pieces I need. I love finding one of a kind designs and handmade items as well as customizing them to fit my needs. My home decor is always a work in progress but there are a few areas that I absolutely love right now!

This is the plate wall in my Dining Room

I switch the plates every so often when I need a change & also for holidays

One of my absolute favorite things about this project is that I can customize it to any occasion with just the switch of a plate! The design possibilities are endless and the supplies are low priced when you buy them used. Each plate costs me, on average, 25-99 cents! You can find the plate hangers in 2 packs here for around $4. Other items needed:


-picture hanging nails

-level [for 2 hook items]





I always pre-plan the layout to ensure that I'm not putting unnecessary holes in the wall. To do this:

1. Lay the plates out on the floor in my desired shape.

2. Lay the plates face down on old newspaper to trace out each plates shape and size with a pencil.

3. Cut out each plate shape. [keep each cut out with the plates to avoid confusing them!!]

4. Carefully apply plate hangers to all plates [be careful not to snap your fingertips under the springs or chip the plate edges]

5. Lay your plates face down again. Use the paper cut out for each plate & lay it on top of the back of the plate with the hanger you just applied, then make a small mark with a sharpie to indicate where the new hook is on the back of the plate

6. Nail all of your cut outs to the wall in your desired pattern, using the mark you made in step 5.

The paper will tear away easily and you will be able to see exactly how everything aligns on the wall as you go! I use this trick whenever I am hanging anything on the wall. This technique works for large or small picture frames, odd shaped items, and for items that require 2 nails. Here is another example of what I've used this trick for:

This is the family photo collage in my Living Room

I use a fairly even mix of photos from my family and my husband's family

My sister makes the best cross stitch designs for me!

I love adding mirrors to the mix

The letter G is for my husband and kid's last name. I use it throughout my home.

Most of the metal frames and other vintage items were found at garage and estate sales. I find some of my best pieces during summer vacation in northern Michigan. There are a lot of sales and antique stores with things you won't find anywhere else.

No matter where you find your decor, I wish you happy hunting! Let me know if you have questions and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.

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